Franklin, PA

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Rear Loader Dustbin Trash Removal

Convenient home or business trash removal

If municipal trash service is not available or insufficient, it's time to arrange your own trash pickups from Constable Refuse Service. You will get reliable, weekly pickup services for commercial or residential locations, including special pickups and contractor jobs.


We can't take batteries, liquid paint items, rocks, bricks, dirt, tires, or electronics. Fines will be applied if any of these potentially hazardous items are found in our containers. Contact us for details or questions about specific items and container sizes.

Residential services

  • Curbside services

  • Competitive rates

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Weekly pickups

  • 2-yard rear loaders are 5 feet wide, 4 feet long, and 3 1/2 feet deep

Commercial services

  • 2-yard rear loaders

  • 10-yard roll-offs are 10 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 4 feet deep

  • Shingles, roofing, furniture jobs

  • Call for extra-large containers, special pickups, and contractor jobs

  • Call first for special orders

  • Weekly pickups

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